The legend says ...

Once upon a time, a wealthy art trader of Marrakesh and father of seven daughters, whose name was Youssef Ben Ali, used to host in this house passing by artists and craftsmen traveling to the red town to sell their artworks. Here he could look at, assess and eventually buy several pieces of art.

Youssef Ben Ali, who had prematurely lost his wife, educated alone his daughters into studies, respect, tolerance, generosity and hospitality. Often, during hot summer evenings, he would allow his daughters to serve his guests mint tea in the courtyard as well as to take part in inspiring conversations around art and life on the roof terrace.

Thus, the young ladies seized all the secrets of the traditional arts and culture. Soon each of them chose the art form that better expressed their soul’s joys and sadness. Yasmina became a dancer, Aicha a painter, Fatima a calligrapher, Iman a weaver, Drissia a ceramist, Samira a musician and Laila a sculptor.

Old Youssef Ben Ali kept the room he used to share with his wife for himself, the one next door for his friends and guests and assigned the other rooms one each to his daughters. The rooms were transformed into small workshops where they could freely express their creativity. The riad became a renowned meeting point for artists and travelers, the echo of which reached the borders of deserts and seas.

... and today

Inspired by the history of Riad Le Clos des Arts, hosts Giorgina Cattaneo and Massimo Tumiotto together with their motivated team, are offering you an authentic and private Moroccan hideaway, with the same kind of warmth and unforgettable hospitality offered in the past to those artists and travelers in search of a peaceful and charming place where to rest.